Monday, December 6, 2010

First baby purchases

This weekend I finally made my first purchase towards the nursery; can you believe I waited that long!?!?  Since the doc said at our 12 week appointment that this baby could be a girl....and I was in the right store at the right time..........and happened to stumble upon the cutest lamps I've ever seen.........I had to buy them.....right? 

I know you may not see what I see {these puppies with possibly gold shades flanking the crib on the top of  42" high bookcases}, but at $10 a piece, how could I go wrong? 

So, I guess I broke the seal with these.  I mean, I know I can't buy all sorts of girl stuff until the beginning of January when we find out for sure, but....................

when you see a clock like this for $4.99 that would look oh so cute in a bookcase.....

tee hee.  I measured and drew up plans for the furniture arrangement tonight.  I might just take a peek this Saturday at a few of my favs to see if I can find any furniture.  Gender neutral furniture ;)

Stay tuned,

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