Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm out.of.control.

Since I got the dresser for the nursery, I've been totally obsessed with decorating that room.  I told myself I wouldn't buy one more thing until the 20 week appointment on January 5th where we confirm the sex, but.........................................yea.  That plan didn't work out today.  Maybe I'll get some will power tomorrow? Maybe.

So, today was a disaster, but I told myself that if this baby in my tum has a penis, I will just use all of this stuff I bought in our guest bedroom...which is totally bare and could benefit from every purchase :)

I started on my lunch break.  Me and two girls I work with love to get out of the office for an hour and hit some of the local junk stores and why wouldn't we go today?  We couldn't find a reason, so we rode out to Goodwill on Hillsborough.

Here is the damage:

I think these are window valances {I laid one on top of the other}, but I don't believe that's what I'll use them for.  I'm thinking either a crib bed skirt, bottom of some curtains, or some sort of pillow trim.  I might not combine them like this, but for the moment, I'm loving them together.

Here's a close up.  Cute right?  I think these were a dollar or two each and they're pretty long.  Stay tuned for what I'll actually do with them...

Here's another remnant.  This might have been a window valance too at one time.  Sorry for my crappy camera quality on this picture, but it's a light yellow silky fabric with little beige/pink velvet dots.  SOOOOOOOOO cute.  I was thinking of turning this into a crib bumper, but I'm not sure about the silk; I need to see how "cleanable" it is first with some test drool :)

If a bumper wouldn't be the smartest move, it might be the top portion of some curtains.  This remnant was pricey at $4, so I'll put it to use no matter what...

A little baby afghan.  I think this was $3 or so.  Maybe cheaper.

Precious.  It's a light beige/yellow and cream color.

Next is this little star shaped afghan.  I'm leaning towards a metal/iron crib and I'm envisioning this slung over one side {for looks only when the baby is not in the crib}.

This gem is a bit brighter of a coral pink color.

And I saved the best {of the lunch trip} for last:
This elephant table was only TEN BUCKS!  Glass included.

You will have to use your imagination on this one, but it definitely will not be staying black and gold.

Here it is from the top.  I know it's a little beat up, but when I spotted it there hidden in the Goodwill pile of junk, I saw something similar to this:

This bent wood elephant stool is actually a Vitra Eames design that sells for several hundred dollars, but I love the look and playfulness of it.  {To me}, my little $10 stool can have a similar feel.

So that was my lunch outing.  I got back to work and couldn't focus.  All I could think about was what color I would paint the elephant table, if gold would be the right color of shade for the lamps, etc, etc, etc.

So, at five on the dot, I rode out and had to stop by the Goodwill in Brandon to make sure I didn't miss any steals there...

Good thing I did, because this is what I found:

All these cute cheap wall pretties :)

This was a buck. 

And so was this!

This was three...

and finally, this was another buck. 

So, I really am not going to buy anymore gender specific things.  I only have 8 more days...I can do it.  What I will be allowing myself to look for is a metal/iron crib, two matching bookshelves, some crates {metal and wood} for toy storage, vintage books and toys, and some sort of interesting light fixture {if it's a girl, that would be a crystal chandelier}.

Well, off to a bath and bed.  But first, Breakfast at Tiffany's just came on and if you can believe this--I have never seen it before! 


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