Friday, December 17, 2010

D R E A M D A U G H T E R...gotta show her off

Recently I had the dream daughter's pictures made.  We braved the FREEZING cold weather and took the shoot outside.  I love always trying to support people I know who are GREAT at their "side jobs".  (Isn't it sad that most of us can only use our talents as side jobs...but I guess that's a post for another day and another glass of wine!)  With facebook and blog world these days it's so easy for people to showcase their talents.  That's how I found out a girlfriend from high school was doing the whole photog thing!  Brooke did an amazing job and you can find her on fb and on the web!

One of the BFF girls was with us so we got a few of these cuties together...seriously how sweet!  

And if you are like me and just seriously dying over how CUTE this dress is, it was made by another mommy who has loads of talent too!!  She did this for me in like 2.2 days...SERIOUSLY she's fab-o!

I am thrilled with my pictures.  THANKS Brooke for creating memories that I can cherish forever!  These pictures are priceless!!

p.s.  I did not receive any discount, hugs, or kisses to tell you how much I LOVE these mommies, I just really think they are fabulous and their talents should be shared with others!

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