Thursday, December 23, 2010

just a wee bit more...

Since my first nursery purchases, it has been almost impossible not to keep designing the room for a little girl.  As I mentioned in this post, I made a few teeny purchases at an estate sale and I thought I would share them.

The first is the mirror leaning on the floor.  It was marked $10, but was half off, so I walked out paying just $5 {no tax!}.  It will fit perfectly on that wall although I'm not sure if that's where it will end up.  That rocking chair was given to me by my mom and I love it.  That little pillow was $1 from a thrift store {I bought that pre-pregnancy and was using it in my foyer}.

What is that piece of paper on the wall you ask?
A paint chip I'm playing around with.  It's a super light and neutral pink.  I'm going back and forth between a light pink or a gray. 

I started on the "pink kick" from this picture.  I love the pink with the tiny burlap touches on the chairs and the ticking on the bedding. 

Last, but not least:

These gems were only $1 each {50% off on the last day of the estate sale}.  They match, but are painted differently, so will need to be repainted.

That's it....for now ;) 


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