Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Dresser!

I'm pulling up to my Dad and Step mom's house for Christmas and what do I see?  The cutest little dresser sitting out on the front porch being totally neglected.  I had to have it.  I walked in and immediately said "Is that my Christmas present sitting out there?" {1/2 joking, but not really}, my dad was immediately like "TAKE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!",  so we loaded it up.  Thanks guys!  FREE DRESSER for the nursery!

Here it is:
Isn't it perfect!?!?

Not sure if I'll paint it or leave it, but I'm leaning towards leaving it and adding...

These leopard drawer liners to the inside. 

Side View.

Whatya think!?!?  I am still on a mad search for a crib and two matching bookcases to flank it...but no luck yet.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!



  1. WHAT! Who wants to get rid of a dresser like that???? Absolutely gorgeous!