Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nesting #1

On my "to do" list before Baby comes is to get organized and I want to start tomorrow!  We moved into our brand new house in April and there is room for every single item we own, but right now, most of our drawers and closets are a mess. 
First, I want to make a home office with a file cabinet, space for a printer and my craft supplies.  I don't have an extra room for this, so I'm going to convert our guest closet into an office space of sorts.  I am on the hunt for organization ideas for my bathroom, kitchen, and every closet, drawer, and cabinet in this house!

Here's a few I found tonight...

I like the framed tack board with nail head, the antique lamp and the shelf for goodies which also doubles as mail and paper storage.

I'm not down with this color scheme or finished product, but there are a few ideas I might steal.  I'm going back and forth on whether to use a furniture desk or a built in desk, but I like this idea of putting a top on two mobile pedestal files.  The doors to my closet open similar to this one.  At one point, I wanted to take them off, but now I'm contemplating leaving them on and using them as another storage surface like this photos.  The peg board could provide a super functional place for all of my stuff.

If you have an endless budget and tons of time on your hands, there are some super cute ideas in this one.  I personally can't even go there.  I mean...look at those doors???

I think my version may be a tad bit more "down and dirty".  I want it to be stylish while staying budget friendly.  Check out this great DIY idea to take a metal pedestal and cover the front doors with wallpaper.

I'm going to clean out the closet tomorrow and get it ready.  Stay tuned for progress and final shots.  I need to figure out the furniture vs. built in dilemma as well as how to power the closet.  I thought I was smart and actually had an electrical outlet installed in one of my closets when we built the house so I could make this very space....too bad that room ended up being the better room for the nursery.  Oh well, baby will have a cute closet as well and I'm sure I'll make good use out of that outlet somehow.

Do any of you have any good organization tips or products you can share?  Comment or e-mail me; we love hearing from our readers!


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