Friday, November 12, 2010

Love at first sight

After a very long and trying 12 weeks, we FINALLY made it to our second doctor's appointment.  I was nervous; like going on a blind date.  After 35 minutes in the waiting area after arriving to our appointment on time {personal pet peeve} they called us back.  We went in the little room and the sonogram tech told me to sit on the bed and for Drew to sit in the chair beside me.  There was a big flat screen TV on the wall in front of us and she turned it on.  I pulled up my shirt and she started the sonogram.  At first there was nothing and I had a two second panic attack that I wasn't pregnant anymore, then BAM...a baby.  Clear as day, I could see it.  It was laying on its back and it's little perfect face profile was clear as day.  We were both just staring in silence.  Then, little legs, knees, and toes came into view.  Who knew you could fall in love so fast?  Those little legs were stretching and those toes.  The sweetest smallest toes I could imagine.  I can't even describe the feeling.  It was like my heart was about to explode and I was the most excited, scared, in love, in awe, and the most overwhelmed I've ever been in my life.  After confirming "are those the wee toes?", "is that the tiny hiney", "is it moving, or is that you?", we asked "can you tell if it's a boy or girl!?!?"  She asked "Do you really want to know", um, "HELLS YEAH".  She said she could take a measurement from what appeared to be a tail...or a spine sticking out of the bum? to this other part of the hiney and if it measured under a certain number, it is usually a girl and over was usually a boy.  So, she squirmed around on my belly trying to find the "genitals"a and finally found the angle she was looking for.  She said "now you know what an educated guess it, right?"  "yea, yea, whatever, IS IT A BOY OR A GIRL", " It means you can't go painting the nursery, no going out and buying anything.  You won't know for sure until 20 weeks, but in three years, I've only been wrong twice".  "OK, understood".  "Looks like you're having a girl!".  I shot a glance at Drew knowing he was secretly hoping for a boy, but he didn't give anything away.  I really didn't feel any different knowing the sex...I was still in love with my stretching legs and toes; no matter if they were a boy's or a girl's. 

We had to go back out in the waiting area to wait for our doctor and sitting out there, holding the ONE sonogram picture like it was a billion dollar bill, I started crying.  I was happy, but also sad.  I wanted to drag that sonogram machine out the door and load it up, so I could see my little bean any time I wanted. 

The doctor's visit was quick and painless.  Fully clothed, I asked if I could take a bath, keep lifting weights, get spray tanned, huff Vick's, do a trampoline work out, and continue with my one cup of coffee a day {that I'm always a little scared to drink all of}.  She said everything was fine except I shouldn't lift more than 20 lbs and she looked at me like I was speaking Spanish on the trampoline workout.  She said she wouldn't recommend that even if I weren't pregnant.  I'm still not sure why,but I trust her. 

So, now I'm just passing time until the next time I get to see my baby girl? in there TWO FREAKING MONTHS from now.  Seems like an eternity...



  1. congrats on your pregnancy!!! you will love being a mom. sounds like you already do : )

  2. That'a awesome, you guys are gonna be great parents!! The time will fly by and before you know it boom it's time. Look forward to more updates and sono/pregnancy Congrats again!!