Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still alive...

I'm still alive; sorry for the absence in the blogging world, but let me explain.

Drew and I were planning on starting to try (for a baby) in October of this in last month.  I went to my regular girl doctor in August to make sure I was A-OK to begin "trying" in October.  She said of course, that I might just want to get started on a prenatal vitamin.  Great!  I asked her for a refill on my birth control pills for the two months because I was out.  She said just to be careful for those two months; that it really would be better to stay off of them if we're going to get busy in October with the baby making.  So, I went online and researched ovulation and got a little calendar to mark down all my "days" (you know I'm a wee bit OCD).  I wanted the "days" marked in the beginning, so we knew when not to knock the boots and then starting in October, those would be the "days"....if you get my drift.

So, anyhow, the first ovulation day marked on my calendar for us to start "trying", was September 21st.  Drew and I had talked about it and we were ready!  Well, on September 14th....I looked ahead and thought it strange that I was ovulating next week and hadn't had my period yet.  All of a sudden (at work) I start breaking into a sweat.  I flung back my calendar pages and started counting....27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, SHIT.  I was late.  Somehow I made it through the work day, each time I went to the bathroom closely examining my toilet paper.  Only pee.  I got out of a meeting early that day so I flew home and immediately took a pregnancy test.  One trickle of pee and that bad boy flashed the PLUS SIGN.  All I could hear was my heart beat.  I got up off the toilet (pants still down) and looked at the box....a plus sign means your pregnant.  I just sat there and stared at the box and then at the test....the box...the test....the box...the test. 

Drew is off on Wednesdays and I knew he was playing golf, but that he would be home relatively soon because we were having our neighbors over for dinner.  I call him trying to play it all cool even though my voice is high and shaky and my hands are sweating so bad I can barely hold the phone.  "Hey there, when are you going to be home?", "Um....prolly like an hour or so, just finishing up playing cards", "An hour!....right, OK, well, I'll see you then!  Hurry home; I miss you".  I hang up.........pace........shake.........pace.................then it hits me that I'm about to tell Drew that we are having a baby.  I want this to be special...after all...I am THRILLED.  So, I get the Christmas wrapping out and get the biggest red bow I could find and stuck it on the pregnancy test.  Is that test really right?  I wasn't so sure; so I took another one.  The plus sign showed up before the pee had even hit the stick.  OK, so I trashed that one.  I put the positive test with the big red bow on his side of the bathroom counter where he was sure to see it.  I stood back and stared at it.  What if he didn't know what the plus sign meant?  I took the box with the description of the plus sign and minus sign and slid it under the positive test so the plus symbol on the box was directly under the plus sign of the actual test.  I cleaned some more.  Then, I thought.  I want to capture this moment on camera somehow.  So, I busted out my cheap a$$ digital camera that has a dinky little video camera on it and positioned it on the window sill, so it would be pointed right at the pregnancy test. 

The longest HOUR AND A HALF ever passed and finally I heard the garage door opening.  My heart started pounding and I flew in the bathroom to turn on the video camera.  Drew came in and goes "I'm gonna go mow the lawn before the neighbor's come over" (I'm thinking, Oh, HELL NO, you're not).  Think fast.  "Um, actually, they called and they're going to be here need to jump in the shower and get ready!", "oh, OK".  I see him walking in slow motion to the bathroom.  He goes right to the big red bow and stares.  I'm standing in the door way dumbfounded.  He looks at the test box and reads "pregnant, not pregnant", then he looks at the actual test and goes "pregnant".  Turns to me "are you pregnant".  I'm laughing and crying and shaking my head yes.  He mumbles "cool" and comes over and hugs me.  We're both laughing and I'm crying and we embrace for a couple of minutes.  I pick up the video camera and point it at him and say "Are you excited".....he replies "I think I still need to go mow the lawn". 

I've now made it 12 weeks with some rough days and some blissful days!  I have much more to share and hopefully will bust back in on the blog scene now that my nausea has subsided a wee bit. 

We are absolutely thrilled and I can't wait to share our journey with you all :)



  1. Im SO excited the news is OUT!!! Whoo hoooo!!!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so happy for you and Drew! Congratulations!

  3. OMGaw, Congratulations to you and Drew! You know since I literally JUST experienced pregnancy and childbirth (with NO drugs...but not by choice!) please let me know if you have any questions/concerns or just wanna talk preggo talk....I'll help in any way I can. It really helped me to have friends that have just been through it....Wow! So excited for you!

    Hope you are feeling better....:/

  4. Jessica! I (think) totally want to hear the whole story. I piece mealed it together from your facebook posts and Shelby is absolutely precious, but I need the scoop. I have felt like death since about 7 weeks, but it's starting to ease up. I keep reading that if you get really sick, it's just a sign that your babe is getting what it needs with all of the hormones.......or at least that's what I tell myself to get by. lol. Who cares if I spend every night laying on the bathroom floor as long as that little fetus is healthy. hahahaha