Saturday, November 13, 2010

Huffing Vicks

In my quest to fight nausea, I have been trying new experiments pretty much every night.  Well, I found one that actually works pretty well {for me}, so I thought I would share in case any of my fellow pregos or any future pregos have the same issue I have.  I honestly have no clue what triggers me to feel sick at times.  It is closely related eating dinner, but I have tried skipping dinner completely and that doesn't help, so it's not entirely food related.  Anything that doesn't smell like laundry detergent makes me gag which then just makes me feel gross and pukey, so one night I was cleaning out my bathroom drawers and came across Vicks Vapor Rub...I had the knee jerk reaction to open it up and sniff it.  HEAVEN.  It makes your sense of smell kind of numb and mutes any other rank smells that would otherwise be haunting my senses.  So, I began to huff Vicks.  At my 12 week appointment, I asked my doctor if my addiction to Vicks was safe for me and the babe.  She replied "Whatever works, but I can get you something stronger".  Me being the anti-pill hippie to medicine person that I am, stuck to the Vicks.  I have   a jar at home, in my car and in my purse.  I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it took me 5 weeks to figure out this cure, so I wanted to pass along...

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