Sunday, November 14, 2010

The name game

Like every other chick I know, I've been thinking about my baby's name since way before it was even a glimmer in my eye.  Now that's it's real and I actually have to name a human being {my human being} with a name that it will have for the rest of it's life...I'm a little intimidated. I thought I would blog about the process because I'm guessing it will be hilarious to go back once the bean is born and see what kind of whack stuff I'm coming up with so early in the game. 

A little background:  I have recently started focusing on girl names given the news at our 12 week appointment.  I might kick myself for that in two more months, but hey....what can it hurt...we have plenty of time?  I want her name to act as a basis for who she'll be.  Given that I don't know her and it is my job to guide her into that person; I can only dream about that at this point.  I am hoping that she will be healthy, happy, independent, loving, understanding, artistic, athletic, compassionate, optimistic, honest, humble, playful, forgiving, creative, persistent, sincere and know, basically like Super Woman.  Now how can I come up with a name for her that allows her to 'be all she can be'?  I've started with internet search sites.  I want her name to be original and unique, but classic at the same time.  I want it all...

This is what I've got so far.  Comments are welcome, but may be dismissed   ; )

Possible First Names:

Possible Middle Names:

PS. It must be said that Drew has not agreed with all of these names.  I am still living in a dream world and playing.  Once I'm more decided, I can try to convince him to see things my way ;)  I'm hoping I might be able to pull the "If I can name the girl, you can name the boy" card.....which we all know will never fly when the time comes, but it might work.  lol.  Just kidding.  I'm not that controlling....



  1. Billie is cute, but if paired with 'Jo' I'm not so sure...Billie Jo...Billie she may come out with a piece of hay between her teeth. LOL. But Billie is WAY cute!

    Stella is always a great one...I'm not sure how you feel about the popular names/trendy names and I've seen that one on those '2010 most popular baby names' lists so be aware. I really love that name, though, and I had it on my list until I realized that her name can't end with the same vowel/consanant that her last name begins with...Stella Andres...just doesnt fly.

    I LOVE Leni...different and I like it with your new last name. Rae is always a good middle name too. Loves that.

    Off to a great start, J! I love reading these posts :)

  2. I like all of those names except Billie, I'm a little unsure about that one. But I love Stella and Selma!! Leni is cute and different too, I've only know 2 in my 31 years. One was a boy and one was a girl. But I like it because it's different!!
    Good luck with the I name the girl and you name the boy...sometimes it'll But that card may not this time because you have been "told" you "may" be having a girl, so if you say that and find out it's a boy then what will you!! My husband and I always say ok I'll name the girl if we ever have kids..but he has veto and he'd name the boys however then I have veto...silly but it makes us both feel like we'd kinda have an opinion on it. It sounds good anyway when we talk about it, haha. Good luck with the search, think of some boy names just in case, because one thing I know from working on L & D is people come in thinking their having a boy for example (room painted blues, clothes bought, crib bummer and themes)and BOOM it's a GIRL!! And then they kinda freak's really not funny, but yeah it kind a was!! So keep options open until you get that definite! Good luck with everything, I enjoy your updates...

  3. Leni or Stella. Its always been easy for me to come up with girl names - its boys i have trouble with. I already have the next kids named even though we are done. (right...) So here are a few girl names:

    Rory or Lorelai

    I always found a lot of inspiration from the social security web site

  4. Finding a name was difficult for me as well. Her daddy wanted to name her Abigail, that is the name he picked out in high school, but not the one I wanted. I only looked at boy names for about half a second, then was bored. I knew she was a girl from the beginning. I was in a doctors office and I heard this woman talking to her new baby girl. All she said was "Hey Alexis" and I knew right then that was her name. But, you asked about your baby's I like the name Jenna :) I was discussing the name selection with a friend the other day, and the name you chose will be perfect, because she will grow into her name and her name will grow into her. No matter what you chose, it will fit her.

  5. Billie, Leni and Stella...woohoo!!

  6. Im with Jennifer, whatever you decide will be perfect and she will become her name. I could not imagine any other name then Tayden for my little girl now that she is here! I like all your name ideas but my favorite is Leni and love Rae for a middle!