Monday, February 21, 2011


Do you ever daydream of what you could do with more hours in the day ?  I do...

Last night after spending all day cleaning, painting and organizing like a pregnant psycho, I realized a few things:

1. I'm 7 months pregnant and if I push myself past my limits, I will pay in back pain for days
2. My house 'to do list' is not only not going to get done by the time the baby comes, but may never get done {especially since I add to it daily}.  I need to start enjoying the journey and stop cramming in a lifetime of work into each weekend.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like a good productive weekend, but not to where I'm flipping out if I don't get everything "checked off". 
3. Me and my honey need to enjoy these last few remaining Sunday's before our life could quite possibly become complete chaos for a while.  We {and by "we", I mean "I"} have been so consumed with what "has" to get done that we barely spend any time just enjoying each other anymore. 

I spent all day reflecting on this new found realization and starting thinking about my life.  What's really important?  What do I need to make time for?  If there were just more hours in the a lifetime...what would you want to do?  I've started a 'bucket list' of sorts and it goes a little something like this:

1.  learn Spanish
2. find a charity, volunteer, and mean it
3. go on a honeymoon
4. paint more...just to paint for the art of it
5. spend a set amount of time each week on my spirituality
6. start practicing yoga
7. teach my baby girl how to be a better person than I am
8. stay positive
9.learn how to sew
10. open a little junk store of my very own

I know it's a little cheesy and I blame that on my pregnancy hormones.  I do have my emotional breakdowns, but more often, I am a complete sap  ;)  It's amazing how being pregnant makes you reflect not only on your life, but also the life you want to create for your new family. 

Well, gotta catch up on the bachelor and then take my bath!  hee hee



  1. Not cheesy at all. Being a mom makes us reevaluate our purpose.

  2. When your little girl comes, you can work on some of the house projects while she naps. Enjoy this time!