Sunday, February 20, 2011

big blank wall ideas

So, I think I figured out what to do with the wall behind the TV (faux paneling) and the columns (MORE faux paneling), but that still leaves quite a few gigantic blank walls that I need to fill...cheaply :) 

Here are a few ideas I'm tossing around. 

dining rooms - Wishbone Chair Bryant Chandelier white black black wood dining table Jonathan Adler ceramic statues vases white Ikea lack floating shelves photo gallery black walls
You know I've been dreaming of a gallery wall for forever, but I never thought about creating shelves for flexibility.  Seeing how I move things around constantly, this might be more practical for my needs.  Hmmmmmm, maybe in the dining room similar to this on the wall perpendicular to the buffet.  I've toyed around with putting a fireplace mantel on that wall, but so far, no luck in finding {an affordable} one.

I would love to find something like this, but am only willing to shell out $50 or so for it...maybe I could put it on my paneled wall under the TV {which would be mounted on the wall}.  So many ideas, so little time...

Franz Kline Black and White 1951
Another idea I've had is to try a large black and white painting.  Somehow paintings like these go with any decor and add so much personality and life.

My last idea...stencil!  Cheap and fun! 

What have you guys done to fill up those walls?


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