Monday, February 7, 2011

The F I N D

On the way home today, I stopped into my F A V O R I T E store: The Goodwill.  I think I found my favorite F I N D to date!

What a cute lil' stud, right?

But what is it you ask? 

AN ASHTRAY!  Holy coolness!!!  The wings flip up and there are two cig rests.  The best part...

Three dollas!  Woop Woop :)

I just set him out on his new home = the patio table.  Now if you come over to visit and want to take a puff, you can do it in style ;)  Bye Bye drinking glass ashtray.

This purchase has just reminded me how much I love old junk.  I have vowed not to make any "new" purchases.  Besides sheets, sofas, and towels...I'm going USED. 

What are some of the good ol' finds you all have come across?


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