Friday, July 16, 2010

Ramblings of an EVENT planner

I have recently been planning a baby shower for one of my friends.  I LOVE to plan any kind of event: the idea of getting to pick out decorations, table decor, flower, balloons, food, it all excites me!  WAY back in the day (you know like two years ago) I would always take on every aspect of designing an event. [Side note: everything I plan becomes an "event" no matter how big or small...just ask my husband.]  One of the things I enjoy most is designing and creating invitations.  I love paper, envelopes and choosing fonts.  Due to my obsession love of making everything perfect, I would find myself spending as much time and money on making the invitations as I did on the entire event.  Well my wedding is probably the exception to that rule, but that's another topic for another blog or twenty!  Anyways fast forward a few years, two dogs, one husband and a kid later...I do not have the time to agonize over the exact width of the ribbon to tie onto the invitations.  So for the first time ever I decided to put the invitations in the hands of someone else.  I scoured etsy for days looking for the perfect image for my airplane invitations and alas I had a wonderful idea...what about that girl that I went to school with, the one with the cute etsy shop and the page I am a fan of on facebook.  I think this is what she does!  So off I went.  I sent her an email with all the shower info and a picture of baby MJ's bedding.  

With no other instructions she produced (in less than 24 hours if I might add) the PERFECT invitations,

with a matching sheet of graphics

that I will hopefully turn into wonderfully perfect baby shower decor! 

If you are looking for custom invitations, check her out, and make sure you tell her O+P sent you her way.

*ps - I did not receive anything in return for this positively raving review, it is just my honest opinion! :)

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