Thursday, July 22, 2010

Outside makes me happy

I think I've forgotten to mention that since we've moved into our first house, I've learned a whole new kind of love..........gardening!  Well, not like in a garden, but more like....yard work.  I love it! 

Here a a few pretty yard pics stashed in my inspiration folder of ideas and things on my long, long "I would love to somehow incorperate this into my house" list:

What a garden party I could throw in this space.  The casual feel just screams "com'mon in and have a mimosa!"

This bad boy might have to be incorperated into Dream Home {year} 2030, but I will have a pool....someday...

lovely!  I could cozy up on that bench with a hot chocolate for sure.

Here's a little project of my own.  This is on my back patio.

and my gigantor hanging planters :)  I'm contemplating painting my front door red, teal, lime green, or orange.............but it will prolly stay black for a while.

last plant project until next season when we redo our planter beds completely!


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