Saturday, July 24, 2010

first impressions

The first impression to your home sets in before people step one foot inside your house.  Guests see your yard, exterior, and walk through the front door and probably already have an opinion on your abode.  What does your front door say about you?  I want mine to say "Haaaay, come on in, relax, kick back, and have FUN!".  I want it to be inviting, intriguing, and have a little spunk. The builder standard color with my exterior paint scheme was black.  It could be worse, but what I'm thinking could be so much better. 

Here's one of my inspiration pics.  I like the pop or color against the neutral gray and the wood accents tone it down.

This coral red door is classic and my floors are dark like this, so I thought red might be cute...

I love this combo too, but I think it looks so good because the house is so dark...which mine is not.
So, these are what I've come up with so far.
That's my front door.  There's a kelly green, dark teal green, light turquoise, burnt orange and a few red shades.  I'm leaning towards the teal shades, but I'm not sure.
There's a zoomed out view.  I will eventually have a pergola over the garage stained the same color as the shutters.  I want to replace those urns (there is a matching twin on the other side of the garage) with a colorful bush and vine that will grow up the pergola....eventually.


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