Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gallery Wall

I feel like I'm starting to get a grasp on what I want my new house to be; how it should feel and how I'm going to make that happen.  One of that hardest areas to figure out was my entry hallway.  It's long and there's a lot of wall space!

I'm toying with the idea of doing a floor to ceiling gallery wall like the ones below filled with family photos:

I'm leaning towards a layout streamline like this, but the jury is still out on matching frames. I'm not doing all black and white like this, but it will be floor to ceiling.

Here's another classic and structured gallery wall

Here's a gallery wall using different frames, but keeping all the same color tones and shades.  This look is definitely more boho and casual.

Here's the feel of my entry.  A long corridor except mine has several archways.  I'm not feeling this gallery wall though.  There's no rhyme or reason and there needs to be some sort of invisible "border" around the gallery {in my opinion} to pull it all together and the sizes are way too small for this big wall.  Looking a little cluttered and not in a good way.

I'm always drawn towards large scale, so this appeals to me with larger frames.  All the frames and mats are different sizes, but the color is consistent which I think works...and i must say that this desk is accessorized beautifully.  I love the mix of styles, the fresh flowers, and layering of junk. 

Stay tuned for how my gallery wall turns out!  I'm working on editing the pictures to all be a vintage style so the images from the 80's can hang next to my wedding pics taken this April and not look out of place. 


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