Sunday, July 18, 2010


My parents thought it would be a wonderful idea to retire to their lake house on Lake Wedowee in Alabama [yes that’s right Wedowee and no you have never heard of it, it’s a really NICE lake, but there is nothing to do there b/c it’s Wedowee] Of course that didn’t last long for Mom, she needed to see people, shop and of course play with the dream daughter two or three times a week. So they looked and found this ‘active adult’ community. One of those places where they don’t let anyone my age in, where apparently by active they mean ready to party like a rock star.
[I am not kidding about that, all they do is eat, sleep, drink and play!]

But they have let me in just enough to teach a few classes,

make a few new friends and even a few clients.
 I really enjoy teaching these ladies and crafting with them. They are hilarious and make anything a really good time.

The best part about acquiring clients in a community like this is the eclectic personalities and the different taste of each and every one.

These people are not trying to be trendy [they ARE trendy] they know what they like and they know what they want!

The challenging part here is how to;
1-DOWNSIZE from what was likely a MUCH larger home 
2-Know when to LET GO of certain pieces and 
3-Know how to bring their OLD favorite painting that has been in the family for 75+ years together with their NEW red sofa we just purchased! 
I could go on forever about each of these topics but I think I will just let this be an introduction to my life as an ‘active adult’ interior designer. I figured since many of our readers currently reside in this community that I could try and touch on each of the topics we try to cover in our design classes. So make sure to come back [with your glass of wine, ladies] and I will share a few more secrets of the trade.

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