Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paint it till it works

Well I finally finished by buffet that I bought at Willy's about two months ago.  When I got it, this is what it looked like:

(it was a TV console temporarily until the real one came in)
So, at first, I loved the whitewashed finish with gold rubbed accents, but then when it moved in to the dining room, it begged to be painted. 

It sat around the house for a week or so with various paint colors taped to it from this sage/gray color to a bright yellow.

Here is the final {for now} product!  I just noticed how bad that slip cover needs steam, so sorry 'bout that ;)  It started out teal, which was too bright.  So I added a little sage over that and then it was too sage, so I finally rubbed some black on top.....and this is how it turned out! 

Here's a little detail of the ornate corners

I chose to strip the paint that the previous owner put on the handles, so they would be the original bronze.  I love how the bronze looks against colored furniture!

I still have to figure out what accessories will go on top; those are just left overs from the wedding, but they'll do for now!  I love those sprigy flower things, but I think I'll cut them down so they're just straight up and down {less wild}.

The dining room still needs a lot of work, but it's {slowly} coming along.  Here's the plan {today}. 

I have a huge blank wall perpendicular to the wall with the buffet that I was at a loss with.  Then, just yesterday, I thought 'I wish there was an architectural focal point there like a window or fireplace'.  But there's not.  SO, I'm going to venture out and get a mantle to create a faux fireplace mantle set up. 

I think a mantle like this would be lovely and add so much!  The table would cover the hearth, so the fact that it's not really a fireplace might not be that noticeable.  I also like the look of using an oriental rug with a soft color that you can pop out like they did here with the red chairs.  I'm on the hunt for two wing back chairs to add to the ends of my table that I can recover in a loud color. 

Here's another fireplace in a dining room.  LOVE this one too.  I'm digging this  perimeter molding detail with the quarter round below the crown.  This is close to the gray color that I would love to paint our entire house {maybe a little darker}.

I'm also on the hunt for a unique chandelier and oriental rug; stay tuned....


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