Wednesday, May 18, 2011

look who's BACK

Guess who's computer has finally decided it loves her camera...mine, that's right!!  Whooohooo!! 

So in honor of my first day back I am going to share my favorite completed project in the house so far!  This is a wall in my living room and I am just loving it these days.

We got the dresser at our favorite antique store and have been adding ever since.  A dresser in your living room is SO practical!  I have blankets, pictures and books stored in that pretty thang and you never even have to look at them! LOVE IT!
(ps-who is that t-tiny baby with angel soon to be FIVE year old! watch out JD annie will be five before you know it! tear...tear)

A fan, art and mustangs...three of our favorite things.  Are you serious with the color of that's
A-MaaaAZING!!  Just an added bonus that it actually works!

This Pepsi crate we picked up a few months back at lakewood and I have had it on the cart, but I randomly moved it over to the dresser and I fell in LOVE.  I KNOW being in the ATL we should be representing coke, but sorry guys the red just wasn't working for me.  I have always loved sunflowers and I think they are the perfect addition to the whole shabang!  (sorry the water looks like a hot mess of puke green, i think its the wall color...wait, what does that say about the wall color???)
Hopefully those bad boys are never out of season...ha!
 That's all for now and as long as my lame awesome computer holds up, I will be back sooner than later! 

HELLO, HELLO... you read this...I need an I-pad!!!


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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that dresser color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!