Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random thoughts of an overdue pregnant woman

Just some simple randomness I've thought of since being on Maternity Leave (day #2)...

1. Grocery shopping while everyone else is at work totally changes the experience.  It was actually enjoyable.

2. My house is the cleanest it has ever been and it's amazing. 

3. When I don't 'have' to get up for work, I only sleep about 15 minutes later than I would waking up to an alarm.

4.  It's weird being able to do stuff when you want and not having to schedule 9,000 things in "after 5" or "on the weekends" or "during lunch".

5. To all of you people who have kids and see a pregnant woman, it's not necessary to tell her  to "get her rest now" or "how hard it will be to leave the house soon" or "how her life is about to change".  Trust me, she hears enough negative random comments.  Try saying something positive or just a simple "congratulations".  If I'm not on my death bed from exhaustion, going endless days without showering and not ever leaving the house, I must say, I'll be a little disappointed because that is definitely the consensus with a newborn!

6.  There's nothing sweeter to me right now than sitting in the house, in silence, listening to my dog sleeping (snoring).  I can't imagine what it will feel like when it's the baby that Drew and I made that I'm listening to.

7.  It's a lot easier to be healthy when I'm at home and reps aren't bringing in sweets and I don't get that 10am, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm urge to snack from boredom at work.

That's all.  Hopefully pics of the temporary rug to come soon....or pics of the baby.  Either way, stay tuned ;)



  1. Don't listen to those negative nancy's!! People seem to only remember the 'difficult' times in life and overlook the FUN that comes with a baby. I mean come on, you get to be at home..with Annie, Drew and your pup, have friends and family come over and spend time with you, dote on you, love you and you get to do whatever you feel like without a boss telling you how your day goes...ummm sounds like heaven to me :) But most of all you get to experience all of this with your best friend/husband, how special! I am staying tuned for ms. annie's arrival, woohoo!

  2. You will be tired, but you will be content and peaceful in a way you never were before. You will treasure the time when you are awake with Annie and the house is quiet. Special moments!

    You will go endless days without showering but that will be b/c you can't stand to step away from her or you'd rather sit and watch her sleep.

    You may never leave the house, but it will only be b/c you're happy to order in and snuggle with your little family on the sofa.

    Annie will be you life's greatest accomplishment and while there are frustrating and hard times, the good FAR outweighs any of it!

    Excited for you!

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