Saturday, May 21, 2011


I felt overwhelmed with pride today.  We woke up early to go garage sale-ing and with this being my last Saturday to junk for a while, I was hoping we'd pile up...or at least find a desk for our new computer.  We headed out and about 30 minutes into our venture, Drew got called into work.  Bummer.  I peeled around to our house on two wheels to throw him out of the car so I could get back to it. 

About an hour later I get a picture message from him with gold nesting tables followed up by a call to see if I like them.  Now Drew is down to ride around with me occasionally and junk, but for him to go to a garage sale on his own in between work appointments, find tables that I love, and send me a picture!  What a turn on!  lol.  They were $25, so I told him to load them up!  He called me back a couple of minutes later and said he got them down to $12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason #4,987,569 why I love him: he's more frugal than I am.

Not quite sure where they'll go yet, but here they are:

I see these all the time, but neva for twelve bucks!  The white design on the top looks cute next to white upholstery. Probably not going to stay next to that chair, but next to something white...

I'll be celebrating my due date tomorrow by laying out in the pool with Drew and my mom.  Maybe the baby will decide to descend...


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