Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Three

Ebay rug returned, new temporary rug in place. We got the ebay rug back from Stanley Steamer and it looked wonderful:
It was a little faded and stained, but it was also from the 1940's and had the best colors to start a palette in the house. We sat on the sofa and the smell from the rug hit you in the face like 'whoa'. I got on all fours and started smelling the rug. "Stanely Steamer didn't do crap to this rug". My mom came over and brought her steam cleaner. Drew went over it FOUR times and
each time emptied filthy water, a ton of dirt and hair, and the smell was starting to permeate the house.
Here's just one bottle full of what we found. I could have filled up a truck load of these. Finally, we threw the rug outside in hopes that fresh air would help. 5 hours later, I go outside and I can smell the freaking thing the minute I open the door. Grossed out beyond belief, I told Drew to just return it through Ebay. We opened a case and are out the $31 it costs to ship it back. Lesson Learned!!!! I mourned my beautiful rug for a while and almost felt a slight depression from finally finding something to kick start the major design element in the house. Oh well, press on.
I did still want a rug for a multitude of functional purposes and I knew if I waited, I might not ever have the time or energy to look after the babe is here, so I hopped on craigslist and found this replacement:
Is it my dream rug? Not in a million. Are there any colors in it that I can pull into pillows and art? I don't think so.
Does it stink? No. Is it soft? Yes.
Did I mention that it was $45? It could be worse, I know, but it just looks so...........generic and the colors with my sofa aren't ideal.
But it will be staying for a while until I find my dream serapi colored antique oriental that doesn't smell like straight ass. Where are you rug?!?!?
In other news,
I go to the doctor at 10am today in hopes of some news that I've progressed and will not have to be induced on Thursday. I'm trying to stay positive, but I just don't "feel" like anything is happening :(

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  1. I agree it is not the best rug for the room but I am sure you will find the right one soon enough!