Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!!

I've been a little MIA lately working on the nursery (pics to come soon), getting ready for my maternity leave, and just being pregnant in general.  But today I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Free from the eight to five that is.  Starting Monday, I will have four months off of work! 

I started my day at the doctor's in hopes of dilation news.  No such luck.  Baby girl is quite content in my belly and It doesn't look like she's going to make her appearance by her due date on Sunday.  I'm not mad at her though.  My sciatic nerve pain is gone and I'm feeling pretty good.  I get out of breath walking to the bathroom and am not sleeping all that great, but that's to be expected.  I've had two mini freak outs this week thinking about the pain of birth, the babies health, what I'm going to do with her when she gets here, if I'll be a good mom, what a baby will do to my know, the normal things moms to be get to think about at 3am!

My induction is set for Thursday at 6:30pm, but I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning and if "things are progressing" then they're going to leave me alone (I'd rather not be induced).  If they're not, the date is probably going to stay as Thursday depending on how the doctor and I feel at that time. 

In other news, the nursery is turning out to be my new favorite room in the house and has actually opened the door to color in the rest of the hizzy.  Can you believe it!?!?  COLOR.  IN.  MY.  HOUSE.

I accidentally bought a rug off of ebay last week and it's at Stanley Steamer right now, but pics soon to follow.  I am an avid craigslist-er and as you all know, I love a good bargain hunt.  I'll e-mail low ball offers and once I get the item down to the lowest possible price, I determine if it's worth it.  Horrible, I know.  Well, Drew is an avid ebay-er and I browse on there from time to time under his account, but have never really been as into ebay stuff because you can't see if before you purchase which makes me nervous.  I'm not a huge online shopper.  So, anyways, I figure out that I like Oushak Turkish Serapi rugs (I know you're thinking "What in the hell is she talking about").  It took me about a month of research to figure out which kind of oriental rugs appeal to me so I knew what to search for.  I liked the Serapi colors and the faded look of an oushak and the patterning of the turkish rugs.  SO, off to ebay I went to browse around.  A few caught my fancy and I saw a little things that said "make an offer".  I'm good at that, so what the hell.  I made an offer of $400 on a $800 rug.  Figured there's no way that deal was going through and if it did, maybe I'll consider the purchase.  Skip to the next night when Drew is like "You bought a rug?"  "No, I just made a few offers on some"  "Um?  It doesn't work like that and one of your offers was you bought a rug???"  "Oh."  "Yea, this ain't craigslist honey" "Um".  Of course I freaked until the rug arrived looking at the pictures online like a psycho, e-mailing the seller after the fact asking if there were any stains, if it stunk, etc.  Yesterday Drew calls me that the rug has arrived.  I flew home my heart pounding and walked in.  He had already laid it out and arranged the furniture exactly how I had the past 4 times I've brought living room rugs home from Tuesday Morning (ended up returning every one).  I LOVED IT!  It adds so much color depth to the room.  I can't wait to post pics, but unfortunately it did have some staining and Drew said it smelt "old", so we dropped it off for a good clean just to be safe. 

I finally feel like I have some sort of design direction as far as colors for the abode!

As for next week's agenda: I'm going to clean the house in preparation for the babe's arrival, finish the little onsie and hat I'm making her to come home in, and just try and relax (we all know how that goes).  I'm sure my rambling blog posts will get longer and more frequent now that the eight to five isn't in the way...

Stay tuned!

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