Friday, January 14, 2011

a little bit of THIS and a little BIT of that

After some very LONG hours we finally bought a couch (it was seriously worse than purchasing a car)  How many different ways can we tell you that we don't want the EXTRA protection plan PEOPLE!?!!?!!?!  We should be able to pick it up this Saturday.  It will be so nice to have something to sit on after two weeks of sitting on a pile of blankets. 
FYI...hardwoods are H A R D on your tushie no matter how many blankets you pile up! 
We also scored several pieces at the antique market.  [We love this antique market, if you are ever in the area you should check it out.  There are two buildings and the one across from the Home Depot is the good one! The other building is a bit like a museum, you can look but can't really touch that table for EIGHT grand...heheee

We finally got our beloved coffee table. 
 We got this one for a real deal! After being quoted six hundred for the first one we found; we scooped this one up for $185 at the booth right around the corner...That my dear is one of the joys of the antique market!  You can compare prices without ever leaving the building! 

Next up we have our lovely end table. 
This was hand made by Southbend Millworks.  We have been stalking admiring their stuff since we found them WAY back when we thought this was going to be our front door.  Since that didn't work out (and we are SO glad it didn't) we had to postpone our furniture buying!  We were so happy to finally make a purchase from them.  They are going to be doing a custom piece for us for the living room as well! More details on that to come.

The finds didn't stop there.  The dream daughter also found a few things she couldn't live without.  This chair is PERFECT for school
 and this will help put a dent in some of the thousands many bags laying on her bedroom floor! 
Plus this is the color scheme (minus the hideous blanket in the background) I would like to do in her room after I find her a vintage armoire and dresser!!

This weekend we will be attending another antique market.  We haven't been to this one in a while so we are stoked.  I am really hoping to score a very LARGE vintage sign for my living room wall.  Preferably metal, rusty and a little dirty.  Hopefully next week we can do a big reveal!

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