Sunday, January 23, 2011

the crib

I had almost given up on my search for an affordable, cute, used crib.  Of course, it didn't have to be used, but the new ones I was loving were "affordable" at six hundred united states dollars.  Really!?!?  I could furnish my house over again for that kind of cash...well, almost.

I was trying to figure out how to make the standard Ikea crib work with my shabby chic glamour dream nursery when an e-mail from my friend and neighbor {who is also preg with TWINS!} came through showing a beautiful crib on craigslist {my favorite shopping source}.  I fired off a desparate e-mail right away "Is your crib still available?  Will you take less?".  I always ask for a discount, no matter what it is, what's it's worth, what it's marked or where I am.  Most times, I actually get one.  Not too long later an e-mail came back in "Yes.  You can have the crib, mattress, and whatever else 'baby' I find for $150".  So, we planned to go get it on Sunday. 

Saturday, I went on a 45 minute journey for this little bookcase I found for $35 only to see its raggedy self in person and run.  But, while I was in Largo, I decided to stay for a THIRTEEN HOUR day of junkin'.  I picked up a headboard for $7.50 for the guest room, a chandelier for $20, a mirror for $15,  2 vintage purses for $4, a china cabinet for $100, a lamp for $15, and a stool for $1.  What a day...

Here is some of the goods...

What a steal, right?  I'm not sure where it will go, but I've been hunting for a fixture of this style since I found the one below at Shades of Light

 Bamboo Tower Chandelier - 6 Light (6 colors)
  Of course, there are some slight differences, but this puppy is $325 + tax and shipping.  My lovely was $20 OUT THA DOOR!  It was originally marked $25.  After asking if it was half off {hey, you never know}, we settled on $20.

The owner of this store actually took my half off bait.  This mirror was marked $35 or something crazy like that.  I asked if that was as low as she'd go and she asked me what I wanted to pay.  I threw out $15.  She said "Oh, no honey, I can't go that low".  So I said thanks and continued to look around.  We chit chatted about the weather and whatever.  As I was walking out the door, she shouts "You want that mirror for $14.95?".  I whipped out my wallet and loaded it up.

I can't enjoy something unless I know I got the best deal humanly possible.

Last, but not least, I saw this china cabinet and knew I had to have it.  I knew I had no idea where it was going, it was not even on my long, long list of things to get and I didn't budget for it.  But I had to have it.  I flipped over the price tag holding my breath.  $197.  Yikes.  Then I noticed a 20% off tag.  There's hope.  I asked the woman if she would take any less {knowing I would only spend $100 max}.  She called the owner and asked.  She came back with $116.  I made my sweetest preggo face and said $100?  SOLD. 

Now, onto Sunday...

Drew and I left for our HOUR drive to go see the crib.  I was a little hesitant after the bookcase dissapointment, but we didn't really have many other options in the way of a crib and I was ready to get that piece of of the way.  As soon as we rolled up, I saw it in the garage.  L O V E at first sight.  It was gorgeous.  We loaded it up and headed home. Even Drew {who shows minimal excitement in my decorating finds} was blown away at how pretty it was for the money.  We unloaded it in pieces into the nursery.  It looked perfect even in 10 pieces laying on the floor. He quickly started assembling and I was snapping pics on my phone left and right sending them to everyone I knew...high on the purchase of my new crib.  Then it came to the adjustable rail. 

Fast forward TWO HOURS.  Drew is cussing.  I am crying.  Our dog is hiding.  The rail will not go in.  I think at one point I was sobbing "I'm never getting pregnant again"...because somehow in my  pregnant hysterics, I felt like a failure for not finding a crib that was easier to assemble and by Drew cussing at the crib, I felt like he was mad at me.  That's how my mind works these days.  I'm like a glass case of emotion.  lol

We gave up after hour two and spent another 30 minutes in silence.  I was folding laundry when I heard my name.  I flew into the nursery expecting hubs to be bashing the crib parts into the drywall.  He did a light internet search and apparantly found a solution.  We said a silent prayer and started again.  After 20 minutes or so, the crib was assembled. 

Lesson Learned: Craigslist items aren't guaranteed to come with instructions.  Use google when in doubt.

Well worth the drama, here it is:

So cute, right?  Especially for 150 bones.

Onto my next delimma = the layout.  The room is all of 10x10 max, so my ideal layout of two bookcases flanking the crib went out the window.  I belive that the furiture in there now, is all that's gonna fit.  Which is fine.  First I put the crib like this along the same wall as the chair.

It's really hard to get a good shot of the room because it's so small, so bear with me...and my crappy camera.

I don't think I've ever shown this view, but there is a window in there, lol.  {crib is to the right.  closet on left}

So, it can go like this


I can flip the crib.

Which one would you do???

This is what you see from the door when you enter and I'm good with that.  I moved the crib over to where this chair is and it looked like butt, so that option is out.  Use your imagination on that chair'll be reupholstered soon enough, but for now...the navy blue satin with gold seashells is a little distracting ;)

That's it for now.  Hopefully, next weekend the crown molding can go up, london shade window treatment can get started, bedskirt fabric can be purchased and walls can be adorned.

Happy Sunday!



  1. OMG! I love it all! I am so hiring you to help me decorate! I personally like the crib flipped (along the wall with the window). Thats only because that is how aidens room is and I find myself, a lot, sitting in the chair and watching him sleep in his crib.

  2. I like it flipped on the wall with the window too! Super cute and I thought the navy with the gold shells WAS the inspiration fabric!

  3. You are doing a FANTASTIC job, Jacq!! I like the crib "flipped" on the window wall too. It appears to have a little more floor space. That may only be an illusion ;) But it looks great!

  4. First off, the China Cabinet, wow, what a DEAL! I L O V E it! :)
    Second, I am definitely going to start being a bargain shopper, I am taking your hints! I don't know why I get so embarassed (I'm a wimp, I guess) to ask for a discount, but it seems as if you usually get them when you ask, so note to self!
    Third, the crib is dreamy and I think it is so unique. I have not ever seen one like that and I love it :) Can't wait to see a pic with your cute little one in it! I like the crib along the wall with the window, it just seems to make the room less galley like and more spacious.
    I can't wait to see more updates, love them!