Friday, January 28, 2011


I am in the process of selling several items and I thought I would slap them on here in case any of our {local} readers are interested! 

Item #1: Pottery Barn Persian Style Rug
image 2184879535-0 image 2184879535-1  Here is the craigslist post.  I'm selling it for $125.  I bought it for $179 and it is literally in brand spankin' new condition.  I got this when we were in our apartment and I want to replace it with something more muted and gray ;)  Imagine that. 

While we're on my entry {pictured upper left}, the plan is for hubs to make a cheap long skinny table and to whip up a table skirt for a look like this:


The little desk and chair worked great for a while, but I want something more streamlined and larger scale for the permanent piece.  The table skirt will also hide shoes, purses, etc for when we actually do use the front door.  Does anyone use their front door anymore??

Item #2: Ikea Slipcovered Dining Room Chairs

These are 'fine', but I am getting a little concerned with having a wee one and WHITE anything, much less dining room chairs plus the fact that I paid almost $100 a piece for these bad boys.  If I can sell them and get something less expensive, that would be ideal. There are 8 total.  See craigslist posting here.

Item #3: Pier One Imports Dining Room Table with Leaf

I have since replaced the table (post to come soon!), so I need to get it OUT of the house!!!  Someone please find a place for this cute little table!

Item #4: Large Wood Coffee Table

I haven't posted this on craigslist yet, but I will be trying to sell it for $100 (material costs).  See this post for a little explanation on why my beloved table has to go :(

I have a few more things to post this weekend, but these are the main items I would like to get rid of in order to keep moving forward with the mile long list of house projects I want to get done before the baby girl arrives.


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