Monday, January 3, 2011

Extreme MakeOVER

SO for the first time ever, against my better judgement...I purchased something from ROSS.  I try to steer clear of any stores like this because I don't like the chaos.  I like for stores to look pretty and everything to be in it's place.  This so DOES NOT fall into either of those categories.  But apparently those things it lacks allow items to be CHEAP!  And seeing as how I am in PLAN B mode, CHEAP means more mullah for said plan!! YIPEEE!! 

SO at the above mentioned locale I was able to purchase a few things.  One is my new love, one is for organization and the final is for the dream daughter herself. 

I purchased this

because every dream daughter needs one of these for accessories (as if this is going to hold a fraction of her collection)

However, BLACK is not in her color vocab.  Hence the makeover...

Okay it wasn't extreme but we like to be dramatic.

But seriously some paint and a tutu later, it's the best thing to hit Davis Place in a hot minute! 
Next to my new love which deserves its own post (of course it doesn't need a make over), it is perfect just the way it is!

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