Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's Saturday of my favorite times {the other is Sunday morning} and I am watching an Oprah show about Happiness.   Isn't that what life is about?  Happiness...

My typical Saturday morning consists of kissing the sweet love of my life goodbye at 7:30am {he works every Saturday}, lazing around in the bed for another 30 minutes playing with Ozzie and kind of meditating silently in bed.  I get up, make coffee and waffles and sit on the sofa and watch DVR Oprah and Ellen while surfing the net for decor inspiration.  Sunday morning goes about the same way, but Drew participates :)  That is one of my happies = being at home with the ones I love in peace and relaxation.

It recently occurred to me that my weekend morning routine might come to a halt when baby girl gets here, so I am making it a point to soak up each and every one before that day.  Now, don't get me wrong...I'm sure when that sweet baby arrives, my old favorite mornings won't even compare to the pure bliss of being with this little thing that Drew and I created, but just in case...  ;)

I'm a simpleton, I know.  I've grown into that and come to accept that I might not ever enjoy traveling around the world.  I might always pick taking the family to the park over going to an extravagant meal.  That's okay with me.  Here are some other random things that come to mind when I think of what makes me happy {in no particular order}:

Sunshine: Since our recent vacation to New York, it has been confirmed that I am a 'fun in the sun' kind of girl.  Cold weather is not for me.  When I am outside and the sunlight is kissing me skin, I feel my soul refilling with joy.  I know that sounds corny, but I consciously think about how happy I am every time I'm in good weather...a light wind blowing...

Exercise: About 4 years ago, I lost 40 lbs.  It was life changing to drop that much weight, but more importantly, I learned how much better I feel when I'm active.  Like the rest of the world, I struggle with this daily.  I run out of time, I get tired, I make excuses, but at the end of the day I know if I am active...I feel better.  I have confidence, more energy and am happier. 

Dancing:  Anyone who knows me knows I was born to shake my tail feather.  I can be tipsy, drunk, sober, at a bar, in the house, at a wedding...I LOVE TO DANCE.  Music gets in my bones and I feel it.  If I hear a good song with a beat, my mood is immediately lifted. 

Obviously there are a ton of other tiny little things that make me happy, but lastly, working on my home, makes me HAPPY!  On that note, here are a few little beauties I found this morning:

How cute is this bathroom?  I want to see the whole thing because I'm thinking the wee bit of zebra rug in the right bottom corner is probably preeeeeeeetty cute.

In my future farmhouse on acres of land...this will be my kitchen inspiration ;)

I wonder if I could panel my long entry hallway???  hahahahahahaa, just kidding, but isn't this gorgeous!?

Alright everyone.  It's almost 10am...I guess I better get going for the day.  I'm interested to know what make you all happy.  Let us know!

Enjoy your weekend :)



  1. A sweet baby girl asleep on your chest...breathing deeply...just dreaming away...that makes me happy on a Saturday morning! All of the happy, giggly times make up for the grumpy ones tenfold. It's been hard work and exhausting at times, but as she is learning new things and moving/doing more, it's getting so much fun! Can't wait for you to experience it!!

  2. hey girl! good morning-loved today's blog. I agree with you 100%..sunshine, being active, the simple pleasure of life, dancing. I also feel my happiest on Saturday mornings drinking my coffee with a blanket wrapped around me, watching my sweet girl playing with her puzzles and being lazy. :) XXOO, Carrie

  3. Love this post! Yes, enjoy your quiet mornings. The mornings of being a new mom can often be rough. But once she can crawl and get around, mornings can be SO much fun. I often drink a cup of coffee and just watch my boy play and entertain himself followed by breakfast and a trip to the park.

    By the way, I love all your inspiration pics. I have been meaning to talk to you and get some (free) advice on a couple of window treatments. I have no eye for decorating. I'll hunt you down of facebook and send you a message!

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