Monday, June 21, 2010

T O T A L L Y O B S E S S E D : ethnic

I love the look of a collector's house; someone who has traveled the world and brought back finds to add to their tell a story of where they've been to make their home uniquely theirs.  I try to throw in a few 'ethnic' pieces into every room...not that I have the money or time to travel, but I like for my house to have that 'look'.

Some of my favorite ethnic things at the moment are:


This picture incorporates quite a few of my favorite things.  First, the Ikat fabric in a soft and subtle pattern that will never go out of style.  The custom tablecloth table is a must have in an entry.  It's a great way to add color since the typical wall decor includes a mirror.  You cannot go wrong with an alabaster lamp--it's classic and matches all styles of decor. The linen shade adds a certain 'restoration hardwareish' appeal. Trays are a great way to tie together smaller accessories and give them a base and since the vase with pink roses (which also look good anywhere) is kind of tiny; they've propped them up on some books!  L O V E

This Ikat fabric is from one of the best online sources for that splash of ethnic;  Uzbek Alive, but be careful as most of the fabrics are only 12" wide.  I can see this hemmed and thrown over a sofa back or at the end of the bed.


This sofa from Material Recovery on etsy is my dream.  On hardwood floors with a big gaudy gold mirror above it and soft black walls.  YUM

This pillow from Elegant Touch is a great suzani, but still neutral enough to work with any decor.  Sometimes ethnic prints are loud colors, but not this lovely!

Zebra is a surprisingly sophisticated and modern way to add a wordly look to the casa.

This is a room designed by
T H E  D E S I G N E R
of all designer's
I love how this eclectic mix of antiques can still look so fresh and colorful.  She is the S H * T

Another one from Kelly W. --just the simple texture of the black chair back and 'head' make this room seem cultered.  It could be anywhere in the world and still seem chic.

I am dying to own this fixture.  It was discontinued from Global Imports and I can't find it for under $340, but I'm not giving up!  It will hang over the Downs Dining Room!

I hope you appreciate this ethnic and cultural style as much as I do and let me know what great finds you stumble across on your travels...whether they are by train, plane, or internet ;)


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