Sunday, June 6, 2010

T O T A L L Y O B S E S S E D : black and white stripes

I love anything with black and white stripes.  I feel like it's classic, yet edgy and somehow can act as a neutral.  What do you think?

I was infatuated with this black and white awning and even had them priced out on my new house.  Who knew canvas draped over a metal rod would be so expensive???  So instead I'm planning on black and white striped umbrellas in my picnic table for about 1/6 of the price....
you can pick up a version of this beauty at Ikea!

Usually I'm not a fan of black and white with red, but the soft turquoise of the walls mutes the red enough to make it just a pop of color instead of the garish "red, white, and black" combo from the 80's. 

If I knew where this place is, I would go there all the time--how glamorous.

I can see this as a table in a chic Miami wedding. I like the mix of the black and white stripes with the brass/gold color.  I think people are still stuck on the "stainless steel is hip and modern", but I think the gold metals are making a come back!  At least they are at the Downs Abode.


  1. loves! can this be my daily table setting for all meals and snacks...

  2. that outdoor space is The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. Kelly Wearstler did it:)

  3. I'm curious... how much did they quote you for the canvas?