Saturday, June 5, 2010

The General Intro

OK, so I wanted to wait to do my first post until we had the blog to it's utmost cuteness in layout...but I can't wait.  For those of you that don't know us, let me take a second to tell you a little about us.  O+P is written by two women who became friends in college at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  We met in 2002 and have been besties ever since.  We've graduated college together, planned weddings, designed our dream houses, had babies (well one of us), and talk daily via e-mail about our lives (gray hairs, what color to paint to paint this or that, the dream daughter's dance costume, etc) and finally we decided to make our daily topics of conversation public on the world wide web for everyone's benefit...or just a good laugh!  We both lived in Atlanta while attending college, but since then I have moved away to Tampa, so most of my posts will be about things in the Tampa area.  I hope you find inspiration through our words and enjoy following along in our daily topics which will range from decorating to who will win dancing with the stars.  If you like what you read, comment--follow us.

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