Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purty Pergola

Here is my backyard oasis.  I know you can't see what I can, but it will be finished someday {that is my new mantra}.

Since these pics were taken, the trim has been painted white.  Here it is a light gray color and for some reason, the purple undertone was driving me bazerk. 

So, the first step to my dream backyard is a pergola over the slab we had the builder.  Here are my inspiration pics:

ahhhhhhh, do the angels sing when you look at this pic?  SO PRETTY!  I gave this to Adam as my basis of design.  Now given my budget, I doubt the finished product will look like this, but.....

probably more like this...which I'm fine with.  I want to grow vines up the side and have a full screen of lattice to help screen the view to the AC unit.

This one is cute too, pretty basic.

Do ya'll watch 'Brothers & Sisters', the TV show?  Well, Nora has my DREAM backyard.

For those of you that watch the show, I want to be like Nora in the fact that she has a big family that gets together all the time and she's always surrounded by people she loves.  Her house is to die for.  If you don't watch the show, try it out.  It's a goodie.


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