Sunday, September 12, 2010


We had out housewarming party today.  I'm exhausted and didn't even cook!  We had Sonny's catered in and had a small quant party with 13 people.  The weather was overcast so it was absolutely perfect to sit outside and enjoy our back yard for the first time.  I thought we would have the pergola done, but a last minute design change made that impossible. 

Of course, the house was spotless and I tried to finish as many projects as humanly possible.  Lots of late nights and three full days of cleaning.  I had to show Drew how to use the vacuum today...yea...that's how good he's got it!

Our next get together will be on December 5th for a Holiday Party where I plan on going ALL OUT. 

Here are some shots of how the house shaped up for the party...

Master Bedroom- I thought I would have time to print out some beautiful touching wedding photos of Drew and I, but just ended up sporting the Ikea generic inserts :)  Scored those frames for $7.99 a piece!

My side of the bed.  I want to paint that desk and chair black, but I didn't get to it this time.  I picked that basket up for $1 and it was just laying around.  I got mirrors cut to frame for next to the bed, but we haven't gotten to that project yet.

Drew's side of the bed.  I got that lamp for $14 and it was yellow and cracked.  Nothing a little silver leaf, new shade and gorilla glue couldn't take care of ;)

I bought fabric for a headboard and it is definitly high on the project list, so hopefully we can knock that out soon cause it is BARE.  I can't wait to get a plush down comforter and cute euro shams to complete this room.

I finally painted our ginormous coffee table black and Drew finished the tray for me, so I slapped a coat of white on there.  Getting ready for this party was all about working with what I had and in this case, it was a can of black paint and a can of white paint.  My big wing back chair was supposed to be ready on Saturday, but it wasn't, so I stole two chairs out of the dining room as a substitute. 

Living Room looking into the Kitchen

Make shift fill in for the large wing back that wasn't ready in time.  Those two slipcovered chairs are from the dining room.  My mom gave me those throw pillows and that foyer table was one I had from a while back and was just hanging out in the garage. 

Coffee Table Setting

Still rocking the boob fixture and the TV is still not hung up, but I did finish painting the media least the parts you can see.

Kitchen.  I don't really see anything ever changing in this room, but I'll keep adding in there just in case.

Master Bedroom entry looking towards Breakfast Room.  I have a round table that I think will work better for the breakfast area.  I picked it up at a garage sale for $25 and like everything else I get, it requires some work that I haven't quite put in.

Archway galore in the Downs' Abode

I hung that starburst mirror that was in my Master Bedroom on the blank wall, painted a $3 lamp from salvation army with my trusty black and white paint and leaned a few pics on the wall for the Dining Room.  I actually used that buffet as a buffet and served the food from there.   I'm dying to paint the buffet bright yellow!

Centerpiece.  I couldn't find anything to go in those tins.  All that stuff is left over wedding decor :)

Entry.  There will eventually be a table underneath that mirror and you know, as I was driving to pick up the Sonny's this morning I passed a perfect table out by the side of the road and I thought "I'll stop on the way back" and I forgot.  I hate when that happens!

Remember that sea foam colored book case I picked up a while back?  Well, I thought I would strip it down to natural wood now that the walls are gray.  I stayed out in the garage for 2 hours with a scrapper and paint stripper sweating my A off and this is as far as I got.  I'm telling myself that I'll finish it in the winter, but let's get serious--I'm sure it will stay juuuuust like that for the rest of it's little life.

top two shelves

bottom two shelves

Sad little guest room.  Thought I'd post it cause it actually has furniture unlike our other guest room :)

Ozzie was pooped from following us around for three days of cleaning, but she pepped right on back up once the guests got here. 

As I started this post, I think she went down for the count.  I'll have to peel her off the sofa and take her into the bedroom later :)

I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was so good to finally host something at our house.  Each time we have people over, we learn a little {get more outdoor seating, buy an ashtray, buy less food, make sure football is on} and I can't wait until hosting becomes a skill that I have down pat.  Martha Stewartness, here I come!


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