Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little glitter

The dream daughter is always begging to do an arts and crafts project.  This usually becomes a major clean up because she always needs glue, glitter, beads and buttons!  So when she found out that Aunt Jess was going to be in town for her 30th birthday, nothing was going to satisfy her until she had made Aunt Jess an arts and crafts project. 

 I decided on a frame but the dream daughter gets to decide on everything else including the picture.  First she painted the frame, then she glittered it [and my bedroom floor- not a good project to do on the carpet]

 followed by a few scrap booking stickers including Aunt Jess' favorite, an owl. 

 I think it turned out just beautiful and Aunt Jess was pretty excited about her new work of art!

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