Friday, August 6, 2010

i need a painter

So, I took today off from the blue cube to paint.  Remember a few weeks ago when I started to paint the main part of our house (800sf) walls and ceilings gray?  Well, today will be my third day dedicated to painting.  This morning I was all jazzed to get going, but somehow between errands and chores, I didn't get started until 1pm--annoying.  Then, after my sweet dog Oz walked through the paint and tracked paw prints over the wood floors, I had breakdown #1 for the day.  I called Drew screaming that I needed help.  He sounded helpless and confused at why I was so angry.  I called a professional painter and had them come quote the job.  $550 for labor only.  So, I got back to work motivated that I was saving $550!  That lasted for about 30 minutes until my roller broke.  Breakdown #2.  I called Drew again.  He told me to go get him a roller and he would help me when I got home.  I got distracted and started cleaning the bathroom in all my fury.  He got home ready to help.  I had cleaned the supplies to paint, was physically and mentally exhausted and still hadn't gone to get the roller.  So, I will be starting back up tomorrow.  I haven't finished one room yet and my house is a disaster.  I know I need to remember how lucky I am to have my dream house and be able to work on it, but I really just want someone to swoop in and finish off this bite that I can't chew.  If I can move my arms tomorrow (I painted a lot of ceiling today), I'll take progress pics and post 'em for y'all.  My goal is to get the living room COMPLETE = 2 coats, trimmed out, ceiling painted this weekend and I'm praying to the sweet lord that I can do it all tomorrow. 

Here are some pretty pics just to inspire me that I really do want to finish painting and make my house as purty as one of these someday....

This inspired "to-do" #87 on my list- built in bench seating in the dining room.  How comfy and functional! 

Here's another one.  I'm all about maximizing space so we never have to move and I think something like this really does the trick.  It might also help my delimma of having no architectural interest in the dining room which is mostly wall space.

I need an oversized light like this

I guess that's all for now.  I'm going to finish watching 'JARHEAD' and go night night! 


ps.  I'm only half kidding with all the negativity.  I really was overwhelmed today, but I am so very in love with the way the gray looks and there is nothing I would rather be doing than working on our home  :) 

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