Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Almost TWO weeks

Friday will mark two weeks since the big move to our new home.  It has been very eventful to say the very least.  But there isn't much in this family that isn't VERY eventful.  We are loving our new home!! 

We had to spend the last few nights at the parent's house because our AC went out and we couldn't sleep in the heat. Now we have a brand spankin new unit and it's freezing up in here!  I should be back to blogging now and I already have a few lined up. But until I have a little more time to write a good post, here are a few pics of my new favorite piece! 
I purchased this over the weekend!! 
It was a whopping $48!
Our fam picture on an old rusty bridge went perfectly over it! 
Can't wait to share more!! 

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