Monday, March 14, 2011

while I was OUT

I have totally been MIA for like the last two months.  I really apologize!  I have a TON of stuff to blog about.  I just spent the last half hour taking pictures of recent projects only to realize that my lap top is not compatible with my camera!  AWESOME!  So you will  have to see a few updates via  fancy i-phone pictures! 

While I was out, I was busy learning to sew.  And I LOVE it...with a capital L O V E!!!  However my first projects were all done on the down low as they were all for baby A. Rae.  I started with a blanket

this is my first row and the first thing I ever sewed!!  It turned out pretty darn cute, the finished project will have to be in another post.

Next I moved on to matching burp cloths. 

My machine really wanted to EAT the burp cloths but I was patient and was pleased witht the overall end result.  YES that is an A that I busted out freehand! HA! (loving my socks)

We (the dream daughter and I) were lucky enough to roll out and see Jacq and her baby bump.  We even made it to the shower.  It's so special to be able to share those 'moments' with your girlfriends. One of her good friends is a fab photographer and did some pics of the two of us for this here blog.  What a us...together...on OUR blog!  Can't wait to see them!!

So for now that's all I can share with you.  Hopefully soon I will have my desk top back and can share a few pictures and stories of the last two months!!! 

Oh and just so you know that I have been doing a few things around my own house.  Here is a picture of a really cute head band holder that I made for the dream daughter tonight! 

 Total cost $1!! That's right ONE DOLLAR...score!

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