Thursday, March 24, 2011

T O T A L L Y O B S E S S E D: initial charm necklace

I'm totally one of those women that would get their kid's name tattooed somewhere on their body, but unfortunately {or fortunately} Drew doesn't really dig tats and I have promised him no more.  So, the next closest thing is an initital necklace with a little A that I been in search of for about a month. 

Here are some of the contestants in the running:

THE ORIGINAL VERSION -Personalized  Silver orchid , 1 initial disc , light purple amethyst  sterling silver chain necklace - custom initial and stone /gold optional
I like that this esty necklace from madebysam has more than just the initial, but worry that it might be a tad too busy.  You can choose your stone though which I'm digging {I think I would go with the coin pearl}

AAA grade white Coin Pearl and Stamped Initial Disk sterling silver necklace, great bridesmaid gift
That same seller also makes this one...I dunno.  It's still not there for me...

Initial tiny heart necklace by hand stamp -14k yellow gold with sterling silver - MADE TO ORDER
This one from moncadeau on etsy is so cute and dainty.  You can get both the heart and necklace in silver or do the heart in yellow gold as shown in this pic....hmmmm....

A LITTLE LOVE  Handcrafted Sterling Silver Heart Necklace PERSONALIZED
Oooooh, this one is cute and only $28!  It's from LuxeAdornments on etsy.

Luckily, jewelry is soooooooooooooooo low on my priority list, so I have a while to look and obsess over which initial necklace to settle on ;) 

Any suggestions?



  1. I have been looking too, for other purposes, but these are some that I think would work for you too.

  2. But I also think the tiny heart is so cute!

  3. I am loving the last two, they look understated, yet fabulous! You deserve it, and if it's just $28, get it for yourself and look fabulous with it hanging around your neck giving birth to that sweet baby girl :)