Monday, October 11, 2010

A little rearrangement

So, last night my step mom, dad, and brother came over and it was my step mom's first time seeing our crib.  She is a fabulous interior decorator and couldn't resist rearranging a few key areas in our house.  I was totally open to it and love to get other people's opinions especially ones with good taste ;)

Here's what she came up with:

I'll start at the front door.  She spent a lot of time on this little vignette.  This is immediately when you enter the house. 

In case you forgot, that little red chair is the one I picked up on the side of the road {for free}.  The lamp was given to me by my mom; it's crooked, but it works!  We picked up that mirror for $40 at Lowes and I've had that little teal side table forever.  It was actually an antique that my mom gave me when I first moved out and I painted it teal when we were back at our apartment.

Here's a dead on shot; kind of like if you were coming out of the hallway where the guest bedrooms/bathroom are.  It's a wee bit busier than my typical style, but there was nothing there before, so it will be a nice change until I can find that perfect piece to go under the mirror. 

Close up of the table setting; now how cute is that!?!?

She also couldn't resist rearranging my bookshelf accessories.  I was scolded for hanging my pictures too low, haha.  I think the bottom two shelves still need a little work, but I have limited junk to work with, so that'll do for now!

Now here's the biggest transformation.  We flipped the dining room table 90 degrees and moved the buffet to the opposite wall.  What a difference, riaaaaaaaaaght?  So cute.

View from living room

View from kitchen

Table setting.  That tiny ass runner looks a little silly, but it's all I got.

Buffet.  I just noticed the crooked lampshade on my little $3 lamp.  I'll go fix that in a bit. 

Remember that black flowered chair?  Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is now white canvas :)

She also busted out that lamp that I picked up at a thrift store for $3.99 and re-shaded it with that Target shade.  It was just sitting in the closet dying to make a debut.

Well, that's it for now.  What  do you think?  It's amazing what someone else can do with stuff you already have! 

Happy Monday Everyone.  4 more days and counting!



  1. ok, first off I LOVE the dining room, Love the arrangement on the bookshelf and freaking am going to steel that white canvas chair. I am serious-i'm jacking it.
    the entry is cute but a little too busy-like too forced or something. but you're house is so stinking cute, lady!!!!!!!
    Carrie K

  2. oh. ps. LOVE the target lamp shade on the jewel of a find lamp. CK

  3. Love everything in this pretty post!
    Looks wonderful
    I especially love the entry -- love the details