Monday, October 4, 2010

go GIRL!

We love to support other creatives here at O+P!  Even better is other GIRL creative types!!  Recently a friend of mine decided to make a go of it and become a licensed illustrator and venture out on her own!  I think her designs are just wonderful and I just know that she is going to be famous one day!  She now has her own blog, web site and an cool is that!
I will also mention that she does a really cool series on her blog called "illustrate your event" in which she asks for people to let her know what they are doing over the weekend.  She randomly selects one 'event' and does a custom illustration!  So when we headed to Disney, I submitted our little adventure to her and she picked it!  Now the dream daughter has a great personal keepsake of her fourth birthday!  As soon as we receive it in the mail it will be going in her art room!  To add to her collection of inspiration art day she will be able to scribble wonderful things, I just know it! 

You should check my friend out on her website, follow her blog, or 'like' her on facebook.  Follow her adventure to becoming a successful illustrator.  She was just picked up by Luvali to design a custom line of  fabrics for their hand bags!  GO LEZLEE we at O+P are pullin for ya!

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  1. You're so awesome! Thanks for the review :) I'm sending out her illo tomorrow and you MUST take a picture of her with it when she opens it!! :)